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Wrap your ask in a task

Wrap your ask in a task

It happens often that the participant sails through the product and doesn't touch a function that we are interested in. What I often see UXRs doing, in this case, is just outright asking participants to look at that function and try it. I recommend you wrap your ask in a task.


  • [testing the refresh interaction] "Scroll down and tell me what you think is happening."


  • "Check if anything new has been posted since you opened the app."


It is a possibility that the participant didn't use the function of interest because she just didn't notice it. If we then show them where the function is and ask them to try it, we would never know whether they would have found it in the first place or not.

On the other hand, if we give a task that requires using that feature, we would learn whether they can find it or not.

The task should require using the function, but it should not tell where to find it or how it's called.

"Check if anything new has been posted since you opened the app."

This time I didn't give away the location of the refresh interaction. So I can learn if users find it. And if they don't I would also see where they are looking for it and where they expect it to be.

Wrapping our asks on-the-fly takes some practice. That's why I recommend creating tasks for each feature of interest in advance - just in case.